it’s time
to reimagine

exterior of a modern and contempary home featuring wooden doors





At blanc, we invite you to harness the power of a blank canvas. No pre-conceptions or pre-requisites – just the infinite wonder of wherever your heart and mind can take you.

It’s in this space you’ll find us…

What is your vision for your life?
How much are you willing to defend it?

Authenticity. Originality. Realisation.

For some, these not are words but a way of life; a daily mantra that leads to infinite possibilities and unexpected but extraordinary outcomes.

If you believe that serenity and integrity are not found in conformity.
If you believe there are no limits to what you can accomplish.
If you believe that ‘must haves’ and ‘must do’s’ pale in comparison to the value of creating something that’s as unique as you are.

Welcome home.

You’re infinite.

There’s a special ingredient that’s found within truly beautiful homes. It’s a homeowner who felt understood and heard every step of the way.

We are the first of a new way – where clients are encouraged to express themselves, rather than be told what has to happen.

The result?
Infinite Possibilities. 

what sets us apart »

By definition, we are luxury home designers and builders. But by design, we are explorers of beautiful dreamscapes and creators of visual purity.

you need to know »

Honesty is a catalyst for insight, unearthing those moments of genius that culminate in a residence that is an absolute authentic expression of you.

our work »

Because you are like no one else, neither are our homes. From a blank canvas comes these distinctive dreamscapes.

We create homes that epitomise carefully considered ergonomics and a rare purity of form.

But most importantly, we are ‘explorers of dreamscapes’, driven by a combination of creative flair, knowledge and a belief that anything is possible.

We are listeners, enablers and co-creators. We see beyond traditional constraints to build sensory experiences in structures. We listen without judgement and have the specialist design, building, interior design and landscaping partnerships to bring your dream to life through one point of contact.

The high level of trust we nurture with our clients allows them to keep doing what they love during the home building journey (i.e., travelling abroad), knowing that we will act in their best interests and deliver every element precisely to plan. We also understand the importance of value and are very respectful of the necessity to stay within your financial means.