location: murdoch university.

status: completed.

Full view of the greenhouse, covered in glass windows.

a world first.

Driven by a combination of creative flair, knowledge and a belief that anything is possible, we paired up with Clear Vue Technologies Limited to bring Murdoch University the world’s first clear solar glass greenhouse. Using amazing photovoltaic glass technology to create renewable energy, this project has been a major success.

inside the glasshouse, looking out onto the bush through the windows. Metal tables are on the floor.
Outside the greenhouse, sand, bush and grass surrounding.

behind the brief.

The intention was to use the facility as a science and research hub to contribute to the growth of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency in agriculture.

Internationally renowned geneticist, Professor Chengdao Li, will lead the research in the facility, focussing on the development of new plant breeding technologies and integrating them to produce commercial crop varieties.

extension to details.

Carefully crafted, this project was constructed using concrete epoxied floors, a steel portal frame and a curtain wall aluminium glazing system. Internally, the hydraulic system for drainage, electrical engineering design and installation was neatly curated for quarantine compliance.

The greenhouse utilises clear solar glass which allows natural sunlight to shine through but uses the unwanted UV wavelengths to generate power, converting it through the photovoltaics at the perimeter of the windows, so the energy required by plants to protect themselves against UV rays can be redirected to yielding larger amounts of higher quality produce. 

The facility incorporates a range of sensors to record data for analysis, allowing the greenhouse to control its own microclimate.

Inside the glass greenhouse at Murdoch university
inside the greenhouse work space with racks and tools.
View of the glass greenhouse windows from the outside, with bush surrounding.